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Battle Born

by Battle Born

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gruphty thumbnail
gruphty Amazing!! More please!! Favorite track: Bring the Metal Back.
happysoy thumbnail
happysoy This is an Excellent EP of songs. This band has a bright future. I like what I am hearing. Favorite track: Sovngarde Awaits.
psycherr thumbnail
psycherr The power. The diversity. The sheer talent. The battle cries. The duelling guitars. The thunder of the drums. The blending of electronica and metal. I have not enjoyed five tracks of music so much in such a long time. Thank you Favorite track: Bring the Metal Back.
Arrogant Bastard
Arrogant Bastard thumbnail
Arrogant Bastard Hailing from the cold reaches of Eastmarch, these Windhelmites bear the cold with axe in hand. Battle Born flex their dragon slaying prowess crafting powerful melodies, echoing choruses and epic lyrics worthy of welcoming battle torn heroes to Sovngarde.

powermetal thumbnail
powermetal Hopefully you will be doing a full album that would be epic and get sold. Cant wait for the ep Favorite track: Bring the Metal Back.
Dragonero89 thumbnail
Dragonero89 SO MUCH POWER, STEEL AND ENERGY!!!! Battle Born are hope for True Metal!
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Battle Born 03:23
First into the fray Last to quit their ale. Companions, lion's blood Fast friends, will surely fail Ride, now! Defenders of the crown! For the Metal, our swords are drawn. Fight, kill! Run them to the hills! For metal, Battle Born. Rebels, bound in blood With their blades in hand. Their war rages on, To chase foes from their lands Freedom, calls to them With Metal hard as Steel. Warlords rise and fall, But to us, all will kneel
In Windhelm with the Northern chill, Beer and Metal are life. But foes come from Cyrodiil, Bringing war and strife. Bastards from that foreign empire, To stop Metal they're bound. But we spread like wildfire, Engulf them with our sound. Metal magic, It has the power to heal. Your wooden swords are broken, 'Cause Metal's made of Steel! When they came to take our Metal Our courage did not lack. And now we fight to kill them all, To bring the Metal back. With Metal in ascendance, We'll chase them from our lands. And when we have our vengeance, They'll all die at our hands! Septim Empire, fearing our sound, Launch their initial strike. We barely hold our ground Against the Titus Reich. Now we press on with axe in hand, Ride for heavy Metal! In Riften, our final stand, Die for heavy Metal! A break in the fighting at nightfall Dreaming of what could have been... With death certain, a last ale in the hall, But then… arrives the Dovahkiin!
Man of War 04:59
He is fighting a Metal war, That’s ‘cause he’s a man of war. The ground is split; the shout has been heard, The power of ages that dragons have feared. Born of iron; fashioned of Steel, Clothed in bearskin; he’s in for the kill. If you seek glory, with him you must ride. Many have fought him and many have died. Sons of true Metal: stand up and fight. The man of war is with you tonight! He is fighting a Metal war, That’s ‘cause he’s a man of war. Born to serve the oath he swore, That’s ‘cause he’s a man of war. Fight like a beast, it’s time to attack, Under banners black! With battle axe, no need for a shield; None can compare to the power he wields. He fights for honour with glorious might, He killed the dragon with a bludgeoning strike! He is fighting a Metal war, That’s ‘cause he’s a man of war. Fights like a hero from times of yore, That’s ‘cause he’s a man of war. He is fighting a Metal war, That’s ‘cause he’s a man of war. Takes no orders, he’s above the law, That’s ‘cause he’s a man of war. Fight like a beast, it’s time to attack, Under banners black! He is fighting a Metal war, That’s ‘cause he’s a man of war. Strikes with the power of a dragon's roar, That’s ‘cause he’s a man of war. He is fighting a Metal war, That’s ‘cause he’s a man of war. Bend a knee, get on the floor, Bow down to the man of war. He is fighting a Metal war, That’s ‘cause he’s a man of war. Born to live, to fight the war, So bow down to the man of war. Fight like a beast, it’s time to attack, Under banners black!
For Our Home 04:58
At the heart of eternal winter, A land forever sealed in ice. And for the gently rolling mountains, We will pay any price. Set to play my part, And I believe it in my heart; Those set against us stand no chance. Fight for our home, For the mountains in the snow; For the Metal that sings to our soul. Fight for our home, For all we love and know. Marching to war fight the foe, For our home. It’s a land where fresh snow gleams, Where men are free to follow their wildest dreams. In the hall, brothers drink to glory, For we all will fight and die as one Set to play my part, And I believe it in my heart; Those set against us stand no chance So we march through this freezing winter, We know we may not return...
Hold your sword high, Prepare to charge down the walls, We are, we are, We are ready to die! Brandish your Steel, Make peace with the Nine. Talos guide us, Lead us to glory and to victory! We’ll reclaim this land, Through the thunder and rain. Standing hand in hand, None to lose; all to gain. Sovngarde awaits Through fire and flames. Have no fear in death, For they will fear our names. On the field, We fight to free all the Nords. Empires will fall With force and belief. Handed an axe, They accept their fate. We slice our foes; In the battle, final victory!


The debut EP from Battle Born; travel the rolling mountains of our frozen home, as we fight to reclaim our lands. The Battle has only just begun...

Buy remastered digital/physical here: battlebornuk.bandcamp.com/album/battle-born-2022-remaster

"Fus'Ro'Yeah" - Bandcamp user "Arrogant Bastard"

"If you’re a fan of METAAAALLL and can appreciate it when a band has tongue firmly planted in cheek, Battle Born is straight up one of the best times you’ll have whilst listening to music this year." - www.indymetalvault.com

"A five song fury of anthemic metal - big, bold and emphatic... a must have addition to the collection of any anthemic and epic metal fan" - www.frenzyfire.co.uk

"Painted in all the colors of power metal, loud triumphantly sung vocals, fast charging drumming and larger than life guitar solos, Battle Born insist they emerge victorious from their quest." - metalbite.com

"You can’t help but smile at Power Metal, I find. It’s just joyous. And Battle Born have shown us here that they are certainly in contention to join the Power league with the big boys. 8/10" - ever-metal.com

"Splendidly produced, well written, and packed with bags of fun, Battle Born is the power metal EP of 2020 to check out... grab a sword, don your loincloth, switch your brain off and sing along – loud! 8/10" www.metal-observer.com

"The whole record delivers the intensity and fun that Power Metal usually gives us... Each song sets the stage for the other and you are treated with extremely catchy tracks and it’s difficult to pick a favorite tone. A charming album from such a young band. 8/10" - metal-temple.com

"This is easily one of the more engaging works of the entire style... and I expect nothing but great things out of this band." - headbangerreviews.wordpress.com

"Battle Born have made a perfect creation for metal warriors... it's only a matter of time before they fly to greater heights, beating even greater enemies!" - www.kronosmortus.com


released June 26, 2020

Battle Born is:
Jack Reynolds - Vocals
Will Kerr - Guitars, Keyboards
Tom O'Dell - Guitars, Vocals (Track 4)
Chris Beattie - Bass
Charles Lamacraft-Perrett - Drums

Additional Guitars (Tracks 3 & 4) by Ethan Bishop

Music and lyrics by Battle Born
Additional lyrics by Adam Fry and Michael Giles

Recorded and Produced by Battle Born at Willy House Studios, Southampton
Mixed and Mastered by Erik Berglund at Massiv Musik, Dalarna (www.massivmusik.com)
Artwork by Marc Whisnant, 2018 (marcwhisnant.com)
Photography by Scott Chalmers (www.scottchalmers.co.uk)
Logo designed by Will Kerr and Sabe Langtry
Additional design by Jack Reynolds
Steel forged by Eorlund Gray-Mane


all rights reserved



Battle Born Southampton, UK

Battle Born is a four-piece power metal band from Windhelm, Eastmarch. Join us as we set out to forge mighty steel, sing powerful hymns of war, and rid our homeland of the Imperial scourge.

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